CirrusWave Products

Develop, document, test, & deploy enterprise grade, secure, robust and scalable microservices

CirrusWave make it easy develop, document, test, & deploy enterprise grade, secure, robust and scalable microservices.

Monolith to Microservices M2M

Migrate monolithic application by analyzing and mapping them to secure and robust microservices

High return for your investment

On average Cirruswave reduces total cost of ownership by 50% by making it easy to develop, deploy and maintain

Faster time to Market

Cirruswave platform accelerates the overall development process by upto 40%

Comprehensive Solution

Cirruswave platform is comprehensive and drives value thru the definition, development, testing, documentation and deployment phases of your Microservice development

Legacy to Microservices L2M

Modernize and re-platform legacy software investments by migrating them to microservices

Increased ROI by converting legacy investments to microservices

Increased organizational agility and speed up innovation by 40%

New Revenue streams from existing applications

Extending the life of legacy applications by adding and integrting with new microservices

Improved maintenance

Upto 40% Reduction in cost to maintain and service old applications through microservice migration

Connected Data Catalog CDC

Connect, discover, organize enterprise data

Increased productivity and agility from use of data

Ability to connect to disparate data sources with low code no code way

Integrate data from multiple sources quickly

Connecting and integrating data and meta-data from different sources and CRUD operations on data using REST API

Secure and uniform access to data

Secure data access, centralized policy enforcement

Cloud Containerization Platform CCP

Package enterprise applications and data processing pipelines and deploy to containers

Efficiently lift and shift compute and storage

Configuration driven deployment of enterprise applications to containers

Superior server utilization

Improved utlization of compute and stroage by packaging and deploying to containers

Multi-cloud and cloud agnostic deployment

Cloud enablement for onPrem enterprise applciations

Product Availability

Available for purchase on Cloud Marketplaces of all major cloud providers